As an art and design teacher, my number one priority is nurturing students’ creative confidence and competence from the youngest ages. And as a practicing and exhibiting artist, I live the studio mindsets that I encourage in my students. These include learning to express ideas, to develop resilience, and to see creative work as a personal process that develops over time.

It’s well documented that learning in art is enriching, but it also builds fundamental 21st century skills such as visual thinking, creativity, and problem solving. In particular, the skill of drawing isn’t a measure of talent for the select few, but a thinking tool that anyone can develop through practice and instruction. Using my training and certification in the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain method with author and researcher Betty Edwards and her son Brian Bomeisler, I scaffold observational drawing (and other art learning) as a teachable and learnable skill for all ages.

My teaching credentials also include a M.A. in Art and Design Education from Pratt Institute, a bachelor’s in art from California State University at Hayward (now East Bay), and a CA Clear single-subject teaching credential in Visual Arts. I enjoy teaching kids and adults of all ages.